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    Macy’s Parade
    Time Traveler App

    Head to Macy’s at Herald Square

    It’s like being in another decade! Our app turns your phone into a time portal, giving you a unique view of the parade as it appeared in the ’30s, ’60s and ’80s. Use your mobile device to pan the streets outside of Macy’s flagship store and watch as the camera fills your screen with 3D images of buildings, balloons and more from a different era.

    The App Works in Your Local Macy’s Store, too!

    Use your phone in your local Macy’s and capture the adorable character balloons that pop up on your screen. Don’t miss one!

    The Fun Follows You

    You can project your captured balloons around the house, in the park or wherever you go! Indoors, they’re tiny. Outside, they’re huge!

    Ready to get started? Download the app now for iPhone or Android.